In the domains of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and integrative medicine, Anzai & Associates explores a new paradigm of medical services and healthcare, and supports the growth of international business between Japan and the United States.



  • We provide assistance for the research and development, registration and new drug application, and production and marketing of dietary supplements, drugs and medical devices.
  • We provide assistance for introduction of dietary supplements, drugs and medical devices to and from Japan and the United States.
  • We provide Japanese audiences with up-to-date information on CAM and integrative medicine in the United States.

There are many limitations to the medical and social systems of modern healthcare, while CAM may supplement or provide great hints to us. In the US, there is a dynamic growth of integrative medicine, which explores a new dimension of medical services and healthcare by recognizing such value of CAM and selectively incorporating it into the modern medical practice.

For two decades, we have observed an outspread of CAM in the US and increasing awareness by the medical mainstream of the value of integrative medicine. We have knowledge and practical experience in a wide range of areas, including: modern medicine and traditional medicine; Japanese and American medical practices; basic research to clinical drug evaluation; and pharmaceutical regulations and market demands in Japan and the US. It is our privilege to be of service to Japanese and American businesses hoping to expand their activities.

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